Tell Vatican to Support Ukraine!

Is Catholic Church really willing to help, if they can? Well, let’s look at the situation around Ukraine, the country that is defending Western civilization against Russian Fascism and desperately needs support.

Here’s what Vatican’s help for Ukraine looks like, as of today: a few ambulances, and some fuel for a humanitarian convoy from the city of Lviv in Western Ukraine to the Eastern regions of the country.

All the rest of “help” is… guess what?… That’s right: PRAYERS!
Ukrainian soldiers, probably, use Pope’s prayers to destroy Russian tanks and shoot down Russian missiles and war planes, while Ukrainian refugees eat prayers, drink prayers, wear prayers, and live in prayers.
Very, very helpful, thank you!

The Vatican economy minister, Father Juan Antonio Guerrero, said in 2020 that the Vatican’s total net assets in 2019 were about 4 billion Euros. So, why not ask them to be more generous?

Let’s visit their channels in social media, and leave a message encouraging Vatican to support Ukraine more substantially!

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Feel free to use the messages listed below, or compose your own:
You have money. Support Ukraine!
Prayers don’t work. Support Ukraine financially!
Prayers don’t work. Buy weapons for Ukraine!
You prayers have zero impact. Help Ukrainian refugees!
Don’t be stingy, support Ukraine financially!
Give REAL help, not prayers!

Add the following hashtags: #StandWithUkraine #DontBeStingy #PrayersDontWork

It’s time for some action!

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