Adam The Ape


New children’s book out about humanism and evolution

Originally published in German, Wolfgang Wambach’s “Adam the Ape”, a children’s book about humanism and evolution, has just been released in English.

In a world, where many children are told in elementary school that humans come from Adam and Eve, before they learn about common ancestors in biology class, this is more than needed.

The book is a combination of an adventure novel with scientific epilogues. The entertaining novel raises the question where the humankind really comes from. It’s answered in two nonfiction texts about Great Apes and the theory of evolution explained for young readers.

“Adam the Ape” is for 8-14 years old boys and girls. It’s German version was featured by Richard Dawkins Foundation in an interview with the author in 2018. Today, you can buy the English version on Amazon.


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